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Téléchargement de HuCEngine 3.10

Ce fichier a été proposé le 2001-09-17.
Système d'exploitation : win.
Ce fichier a deja été téléchargé 9950 fois.
La taille du fichier est de 822840 octets.

Description :
A few nifty changes from the previous version of HuCengine the IDE for the HuC Compile.
  • Synced up the version number along with HuC :D
  • Setup Screen has been placed into a tabbed button format
  • Users may now customize the syntax color hightlighting of the IDE in the Setup Screen
  • Compiler now uses createprocess instead of winexec, so HUCengine will NEVER load the file output.c until HuC is COMPLETELY finished with it. The only adverse side effect of this feature? The animation doesn't have time to process anymore on the loading screen unless you're compiling an extremely large file

Télécharger HuCEngine 3.10



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