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Welcome on my pc engine devoted site. I'm trying to gather here all what I can concerning the scene around this little cute video game.

The main interest is probably the fact it's the official page of Hu-Go!. Hu-Go! is an emulator for pc engine. It is a free software and it runs on several operating systems, including Linux, FreeBSD, DOS, Microsoft windows.
It is able to run games as roms, real CDs or several kinds of dump from them.

Another point of interest is named HuC. It's a C compiler which allow you to create your own pc engine games, as cartridge images (rom) or even real CDs. If you've done a pc engine related work, you're invited to register for an account, which will allow you to upload your work and make it available on the creations page.

To be kept in touch, you can check the news located further or the archives.

Feel free to send me a mail for anything related to pc engine or this site.

Have a nice time here.


08 March '06 : Development for Hu-Go! have been quite slow, to say the least, recently. But the ports have been working nicely, with new working platforms like GameCube, Mac OS X (powerpc) and amd64. The GameCube port is done by Softdev and can be found on
this page while the others can be compiled from the sources but have not been released yet.
11 September '05 : Since plenty of ports are coming this way, I've setup a port page to gather their status and the location where to get them, as the dreamcast and xbox ports are often looked after on this site.
Back to code ...
05 September '05 : Another port of Hu-Go! is officially released and maintained. This time, it's the powerpc linux version and more precisely for Debian. you can get it there, as usual. Thomas Huth did a great job at spotting some issues related to big endian architectures and packaged the whole for debian. His fixes are (or will be very soon) integrated in the CVS trunk so that all big endian ports will benefits this.
As for the next version of Hu-Go!, it will appear when 2 out of the 5 remaining tasks will be done :
  • Switching cd support to full gpl one
  • Making a wxwidget gui
  • Finishing the 16 bits graphics mode with effects
  • Porting Hu-Go! to PowerPc MacOsX
  • Porting Hu-Go! to amd64
Feel free to give a hand, or be patient :)
01 August '05 : Not much progress in the amd64 and mac os x port, I've been too busy. Fortunately, Kelly Samel did a great job by porting Hu-Go! to MorphOS. You check the original port page there or directly on this site.
04 June '05 : A few notes on the current (slow) development of Hu-Go!. Seen the issues that some are having with gtk+ 2.x on windows platforms (like no support for older windows in recent gtk versions, large download), I wondered about supporting wxWidgets as alternative toolkit. It would also help supporting Mac OS X. I'm curious about your reaction on the choice of the toolkit.
Concerning Mac OS X, I'm currently trying to port Hu-Go! on it, thanks to bt and pearpc. I'm also trying to fix Hu-Go! working on amd 64, thanks to Ivan Le Lann.
The next version should also feature a GPL engine for the cd emulation part, taken from PC2E.
And last but not least, the graphical engine will be able to compiled to support 8 bits or 16 bits rendering. The 8 bits mode will be kept for ports on machines were memory is limited or graphics doesn't support more than 8 bits while the 16 bits mode will be used on current machines and will be agremented of a filter system (eagle, sai2x and friends). This part is mostly done but needs polishing. Still, here is a screenshot to make you wait a bit. Stay tuned ...
cute sample of the 16 bits graphical engine with sai2x filter



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