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Download Hu-Go! 2.08 pre alpha

This file has been proposed on 2001-12-30.
Operating system : linux.
This file have already been downloaded 4713 times.
File size is 172599 bytes.

Description :
This is the first version of hugo with no allegro inside. You'll need the runtime environnement available at . I used version 1.2.2 but I guess that you can use an older version, providing that you manually create a link so that the librairie loader will be fooled.
This version doesn't have sound, nor all control keys, cd support is untested, you have to set the filename of the rom on the command line and you'll have to kill the emulator by force (like with control \) but ... hey, it's an allegro free binary :)

Download Hu-Go! 2.08 pre alpha



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