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Download Hu-Go! 2.10

This file has been proposed on 2003-03-04.
Operating system : debian.
This file have already been downloaded 5220 times.
File size is 432590 bytes.

Description :
This is the first version of Hu-Go! featuring a decent gui.
Several subsystems have been rewrotten.
Sound can now be stereo and the noise rendering is perfect.
Graphics engine were also debugged and enhanced (zoom and fullscreen for instance).
Cd emulation was improved, more game will be playable and with fewer bugs, even some Arcade card games can boot now.
The direct CD emulation have been rewritten (was messed up since version 2.00 for windows).
The install was eased but the package includes all needed libs (gtk, akrip, sdl) so it's quite large. Next release should ben available in two flavours, with ou without libs, the latter being much more little.
This debian package is my first one, I'm sorry if it doesn't work well on your system. You're invited to report problems when using it. You can still use the usual source tarball which compiles just great.

Download Hu-Go! 2.10



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