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Download Hu-Go! 2.11 final (Sources)

This file has been proposed on 2005-03-14.
Operating system : rpm.
This file have already been downloaded 5284 times.
File size is 386588 bytes.

Description :
Sources rpm targetting Mandrake 10.1.
You can also get Hu-Go! from plf with urmpi.
  • Rewrote manual into smaller manuals, in html and plain text.
  • Added zipped rom support for all platforms.
  • Added hardware video rendering.
  • Cleaned sources, again and again (thanks to splint) (compiles with gcc up to 3.3).
  • Added error message when trying to start a cd and the cd system rom can't be found.
  • Added partial arcade card support (inner memory management rewritten).
  • Added readonly-ness of roms (was writeable until now).
  • Removed a bug in DraculaX which was crashing in the intro when not in -m1 mode
  • Added netplay support. The normal binary can be used alone or as a client, a server binary is also provided.
  • Added nice graphical configuration of keyboard and joypads.
  • Added support of joypad via SDL under windows.
  • Rewrote graphical engine.
  • Added support for big endian cpu (Sparc, ...).
  • Switched to gtk 2 for graphical toolkit.
  • Added support for interacting with the core variable of the emulation from external processes (can be used to change rom content on the fly e.g.).
  • Changed licence to be considered as free (GPL + mBSD + zlib).
  • Fixed a crash when starting any game in the windows port.
  • Added support for dumping audio and video. Some samples are available to make an .avi/.mpg/.whatever from it under un*x.
  • Fixed some bugs in DMA handling (including one occuring at the end of the first stage of gunhed).
  • Improved internal I/O handling (handle remanence of unaffected bit latches).
  • Began adding ogg support (untested).
  • Fixes sound frequency bug and added stop/start audio subsystem between the various games to provide instantaneous effects of configuration changes.
  • Added better command line argument support.
  • Autodetection of US encoded roms.
  • Added signed format support for audio rendering.

Download Hu-Go! 2.11 final (Sources)



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