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Download Hu-Go! 2.12 (w/ gtk+ included)

This file has been proposed on 2005-04-09.
Operating system : win.
This file have already been downloaded 56907 times.
File size is 4577647 bytes.

Description :
Setup of the windows version of the 2.12 version, including a gtk+ runtime installer. Note that sometimes it requires a manual operation or a reboot for gtk to be usable (check the notes related to win32 platforms for details).
Note that you can also download the archive which contains only the Hu-Go! setup if you already have a recent working install of gtk+ (like the 2.11 one).
  • Simplified license into GPL+mBSD (zlib licensed code is still there, but it is not required to make it part of the whole license)
  • BUGZILLA 11: Now removes the temporary directory when quitting.
  • BUGZILLA 12: Quitting the main window also closes the game in progress so that exiting is immediate.
  • BUGZILLA 15: Doesn't necessarily depends on SDL_net for compiling, if not present, compiles with the usual manipulation.
  • BUGZILLA 17: Fixed mapping of split roms, which was breaking many games or at least screwing graphics.
  • BUGZILLA 25: Readded screenshot support (in .ppm).
  • BUGZILLA 28: Added unzipping in memory, for cleaner, faster and more robust handling of zipped roms.
  • Fixed compilation scripts to allow to compile without all the documentation tools installed, also fixed debian packaging.
  • Cleaned sources a bit more.

Download Hu-Go! 2.12 (w/ gtk+ included)



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