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Hu-Go! ports and related work

This page gathers pieces of information concerning official or non official Hu-Go! ports to various systems, as well as work based on Hu-Go! code. To be complete, Hu-Go! itself is based on other work : Mainly fpce, for most of the base code, then hmmx, for sound code; later darcnes for cd support code and soon pc2e for gpl cd support code.
If you find missing or incorrect statement here, please let me know here.

Hu-go! ports

Platform Author Where to get it ? Comments
DOS / x86 Zeograd official download page Original version, done with djgpp and allegro, not really maintained anymore, but could be revived with HX DOS Extender
Linux / x86 Zeograd official download page Done with allegro up to version 2.09, then with sdl
Windows / x86 Zeograd official download page Done with allegro up to version 2.09, then with sdl. No gui until version 2.10 and use of gtk
FreeBsd / x86 Cleaner official download page No freebsd "port" done as far as I know, but buildable from sources
Solaris / Sparc Zeograd official download page
BeOs / x86 Caz v2.10 on official download page The v2.10 archive also contains the sources for this port. BeOs specificities are not integrated in the cvs repository
Morphos Kelly Samel official download page / Hu-Go! morphOS page Kelly's page contains more versions and more recents versions than those that I mirror here
Linux / ppc Thomas Huth official download page
Dreamcast Quzar screamcast site Port is called HuCast
Xbox Xport xport site Port is called HugoX
Linux / amd64 Mooz / Softdev official download page Integrated into the CVS trunk but not released yet. Thanks to Yvan Le Lann
Mac OS X / ppc Thomas Huth N/A The CVS trunk got emulation code which works but the gui is not working yet
GameCube Softdev SoftDev page

Hu-Go! related work

Name Platform Author Where to get it ? Comments
GpEngine gp32 black- GpEngine page The cpu was rewritten in asm for the gp32, else it's Hu-Go!
Shu Sheldows SharkTooth Shu site This emu was inspired by Hu-Go! source code
BePcEngine BeOs / x86 David Raingeard BePcEngine site The site doesn't claim its use of Hu-Go! source code but the author told me so and it's "obvious" when looking at the binary symbol



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